Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Very Sweet Treat

I had an appointment in downtown Kirkwood and wrapping that up early, I went to see Tom at my favorite place to buy music, Now Hear This in downtown Kirkwood. Tom and I have been doing business for about 21 years and he has proven reliable and getting me just about anything. The new Bruce Springsteen "Magic" was on my mind and I was excited when he had a copy. He also pointed me to another new release from John Fogerty. So, (doing something I have been doing since the dawn of time) , I spent money I didn't have for music. And I bought the John Fogerty.

I tasted the new Springsteen on the way to see the "Rat Pack" in concert at the Fox (the stage show of one night in Vegas circa 1961) I played the first four songs, nothing quite hit me. That's okay, most of the time that's a good sign. Except when it comes to the new Who record.
I put the John Fogerty in on my way to work yesterday and wham, bam, thank you so much for playing our game, song one, side one knocked me out. Here's the video to his first single (which will never get played on the radio). John has found Jesus and he's pissed about the war. At least he's consistant with his thoughts and with his music. His band has Kenny Aronoff on drums and Benmont Tench from the Heartbreakers killing me with his stuff. So far, I like about 90% of it, but I will check in with another report later. First impressions...a masterpiece. One of the biggest thrills in my life was meeting John Fogerty after his show at the Fox in 1997. My brother was a huge fan of CCR. He served two tours in Viet Nam and I rememeber one thing he told me when I first got into radio. He said..."if you ever get to meet John Fogerty, just tell him how much his music meant to us punk kids ever there." Of course, there would never be a chance to meet John Fogerty, he was retired to a farm in Oregon or something. In 1997, I told John Fogerty what my brother (who had since passed) said and I swear his eyes welled up. He said it always meant a lot coming from a vet. We had our picture taken, (but it qualifies as absolutely the worst piece of shit picture I have ever taken and even though it's with him, no thanks, no one will ever see it)
and he signed my album. You'll have to look closely, but there it is. Joyous experience and so is this release. This guy makes it sound effortless.

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