Friday, October 05, 2007

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Whenever you start talking "best" of anything, it had better really be the best. I know, maybe I'm old school, but I don't consider Madonna, Micheal Jackson or The Beastie Boys to be anywhere close to my definition of the term "rock and roll". However, the inclusion of the "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack did not bother me. I was on the radio and in the clubs when it came out, I know the influence on culture it had and even though it violates one of my qualifications for making my list, it should have probably been listed higher.
Well, as a very qualified observer of the rock and roll culture for the last 45 years or so, I thought I would put together MY collection of MY top 100 albums of all time. Using the criteria used in the other test, I will list them a few at a time, in an order that will consist of reverse alphabetical because quite honestly, I couldn't put it together any other way. Remember, this is my list and the numbers were compiled by me in my warped cranium. Enjoy the list.

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William R. Fink said...

What about a list of top musicians for Rock and Roll? If you ever assemble such a list, here are a few of my votes:
Bass Guitar: Geddy Lee, Rush
Drums: Neil Peart, Rush
Lead Guitar: Eddie VanHalen, Van Halen

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