Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Newspaper Article circa 1981

That's me lower right. Looks like I lost the "arms" race doesn't it? Who cut your hair? Hey, farmer? That was an awesome studio, my favorite ever.
Phil Witt looks the same.


barbinkc said...

Actually, Phil Witt looks older - last time I caught him on tv his hair had gone gray. He looks like a kid in the ad (as do you).

Just read that Led Zepplin is doing a "reunion" concert in England next year. See http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070912/en_nm/zeppelin_dc;_ylt=AsN9JuPFOEAaP7MpuGYwQKKs0NUE
About $250.00 a ticket, by draw only. Would give my eye teeth to be there. Not in the budget I'm afraid.

Kent Hall said...

man, you've gotta love those 70's short sleeves. It's hard to believe that used to be the normal length for sleeves. I wont mention 70's shorts in hopes that those pictures remain un-posted:)

Brian Holland said...

Didn't you secretly wish back in the day that just once Phil Witt would get a pimple or a cowlick right before going on the air? Us radio types never had to worry about such things! lol

karlene's mom said...

Wow. You're looking sweet there, bud! :-)

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