Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beautiful Day Junk

Spending my lunch hour (and in between writing two presentations) taking a break and blogging. I haven't felt very creative lately, so thought I would share my own very pretentious view of the world.

Rams suck, Chiefs suck, Cardinals done, Tony done.

So help me out. I heard that MYV held their annual Video Music Awards the other night. Will someone please tell me the day that MTV started playing music again? I haven't seen a video on there in ages, although I haven't checked lately. VH1 doesn't show music anymore either. So, should MTV take the M out of their name? How about VH1? The "V" needs to go..and the H, too.

My daughter called to inform that she got really bored at school last Saturday night. All of the other kids on her floor went out drinking and she didn't want any part of it. She has seen what drinking does to a person and she doesn't want to do that. God, thank you so much.

The longer he is dead, the more I appreciate the kind gentle soul that was George Harrison.
Of all the musicians that have passed, I truly miss him the most.

Beautiful day here in St. Louis.

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Kent Hall said...

I also miss George very much. It's sad that he seemed to search til the very end and never found his peace. You can hear it in his last Album (highly recommended). Sadness to the end.

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