Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ol' 55

There's another song title that fits perfectly. I am 55 today. When I was a baby, the doctors told my mother not to get too attached to me, I wouldn't be around long. I suffered from Bright's disease. I guess suffered is too big of a word, because I don't remember suffering much. I do remember peeing blood. That was the main problem, my kidneys weren't doing their job and allowed blood to seep into my urine. I remember one time in high school, after a particularly hard basketball practice, I peed blood again, but nothing after that. Then, I wasn't supposed to make it to 30. Ha ha, I fooled them all. The past five years have been the usual roller coaster ride. I remembered to keep mu hands and feet inside the ride at all times, but there have been some serious white knuckle rides. I've been fired twice in the last five years and I quit two jobs, one in a city close to my hometown. There have been illnesses and good times. Seeing my son graduated with honors from Notre Dame has been a highlight. I do remember that summer when faced with the prospect of being an empty nester really freaked me out, but so far, so good. The jaunt to Nashville was short but productive, if only to see where Johnny and June Carter Cash were buried. That's how I spent my 51st birthday, in the snow with a wonderful friend, checking out Nashville. That was the night I got a kiss from Bonnie Bramlett (I don't think I've washed my lips yet). Spent some time in Bloomington Illinois where I reconnected with a friend that I miss dearly at this time. What an eye opening experience when it came to radio. Barely got out of there with my life. Heard some lovely music in the last five years, but can't think of a better song than "Girls in Their Summer Clothes". I have seen the boss three times, two were outstanding and one was a bit disappointing. I have lost friends and relatives too numerous to count. The matriarch of the family (Queen Joanie) has passed and so has my brother in law Curtis. Far too many friends have breathed their last breath and their memories are still prominent in my mind. I am younger than I look an older than I feel. I am 7 years away from the age that my mother died and 15 years away from my father's age when he passed. I think I'm in better shape than most and need to get back to the shape I was in ten years ago. This will be done. I am looking forward to checking back in when I'm 60. Onward through the fog...cue Mr. Springsteen...


Debz said...

very insightful, Mr. R!!! I've had some similar happenings in my life and feel that this amusement park we call Human Life does have some pretty spectacular (and sometimes scarey) rides and attractions. But I know there is more to Life than the park, and look forward to exploring that more deeply in the years and moments to come in this, the Eternal NOW. I hope to bump into you there, from time to time, brother!

Radioman KC said...

An interesting post. Scarey for a youngster.

We who spent most of our lives healthy really don't get chronic illness til we're way longer in the tooth.

I was not going to bother reading that because it was long and had no white space breaking it up into smaller bytes we call paragraphs.

but I did. It was worth the second look. I'm also glad I finally found yoru blog and linked to it on my humble site.

Thanks rr.

RR said...

Link away.

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