Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lint on my cuff

I have read with great amazement Ted Williams' story. He's been everywhere due to some Facebook video posting. Come to find out this guy is homeless and has the "voice of God." He's now working due to the inherent goodness of the human race. Someone, somewhere found this guy and decided to take a chance on him. I find myself confused in my feelings of hope, but then again, how many radio guys are like that? How many never learned to do spomething else and being on the radio is all they know? Now, when their livelihood is gone, where do they go and what do they do? I am especailly troubled about the guys who were just a bit older than myself who are out of work. Must be hard. "What you do to the least of me, you do to me..." I wish him well.
I have reached the age where things are happening to and with my body that I can't explain. Will it be like the Boz Scaggs song "Breakdown Dead Ahead"? Even though I have tried to keep myself in the best shape possible, I wonder if past abuses will now come roaring into my life? Yes, I believe there is a male menopause phase that we go through. My metabolism has slowed, I find difficulty in sleeping, have continual hot sweats and now, headaches that will not go away. It all started with my right eye turning red, droopping and watering constantly. Then the headaches started. I have had three of them that have knocked me for a loop and confined me to bedrest. The latest one was yesterday. I had to leave work, go home, find darkness and quiet. The doctor's first diagnosis was "cluster headaches". I have NEVER had a headache in my life. Ever. Look up cluster headaches. This doesn't look fun. Or could this be some weird, slow developing reaction to my past drug use? I guess we'll find out.
Radio keeps calling me to return and I keep refusing. This latest flirtation is for the GM of two stations. Major company, major city and surely major money. " A bird in the hand"....and I think I'm happy with the bird in my hand. I'm not making a great deal of dough, but I enjoy my work, my team and my life at this point. Do I want to muck it all again? My past history would say yes, trash the whole thing beacsue that's what I know to do. But, I'm hoping I've learned a few valuable lessons in life. The teaching of lessons has left carcasses along my highway of life and some of those carcasses are people I love dearly. What will happen? we shall see.
The radio station is now running the playlist A-Z. I listened for awhile this morning and heard "Hollywood" by Shooting Star and "Hollywood Nights" by Bob Seger. On the air for a year, the listenership keeps growing. I think I'm building a better mousetrap. No money to be made but some guys have trains, I have this....
RIP Mr. Gerry Rafferty. You wrote a song about me, for me and to me. If there was ever an autobiographical song, it had to be "Baker Street". It seems that song fit my life like a glove. I gave up the booze and the one night stands...his "City to City" album still resides in my top ten and always will. Apperantly, he drank himself to death. I could certainly relate to that. That's too bad, I know I'l remember him for that perfect description of one man's life set to song

And finally, the love of my life...(sorry, Boo).
Smart, confident, has good common sense (for a 21 year old), and downright beautiful...and last Father's day, she took me out to dinner to thank me for doing a great job raising her.
It does NOT get any better than that.


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