Friday, August 06, 2010

Incense and Peppermints

I still love the smell of incense. Not sure why, but I hear the olfactory gland/sense is the most powerful one we have. It seems to take me back to stoned Saturday afternoons at the Curiosity Shoppe in downtown Davenport, The Church in downtown Moline or the various Co-Op Tapes and Records that dotted the Quad City area. After I got paid, I'd go to my favorite head shop and peruse the comics (loved R. Crumb) and the wondrous works of art that awaited me in the aisles of the latest album releases. Everything form The Carpenters to Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band was available and I would just dig the various album covers and the artworks they would become. It is one of my favorite memories. What am I burning now? Sandalwood, why of course. Musk and Jasmine are on the way. Posters? Oh, they're upstairs.

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