Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wrap Season

When I was in kindergarten or first grade, I had a teacher that always used the word "wrap" as a synonym for coats. "Please take your wraps off when you enter the classroom." I never heard anyone else use that term until today in the office, one of my peeps said something about not wearing a "wrap" today. Tomorrow will be the first day of the season that I will wear a "wrap". I actually enjoy all of the seasons and really couldn't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have winter. (OK, maybe I can). When I got to the Y yesterday morning, the woman at the desk asked where my coat was. I answered the way I normally do..."Hey, I grew up in know what we call this weather in Iowa? Summer!" Hahahahaha. Well, what's happened in Iowa the past couple of days has been record setting. Maybe one of the largest snow storms ever has passed through the state. That's diffucult to believe because in the winter of 78-79, it snowed. A lot. Over and over again. That must have been some snowstorm that just went through there.
The Tiger Woods story just gets worse and worse for this guy. I don't feel sorry for him in any way shape or form but I have NEVER witnessed a fall from glory so weird and quick. This guy had it all, a billion dollar fortune, maybe the most recognized man on the planet, an absolutely capitivating and beautiful wife wasn't enough. Was it the thrill of the hunt? Was it the knowledge and power that he could have sex with whomever he pleased? The count is now in double digits and the possiblity that one of his paramours video taped them having sex. Were these women providing him with all the things his wife didn't? Shouldn't he have known that before he married her? Now, there are reports that there might be kids out there he doesn't know of? Ick and ew. One month ago today, he was hailed as one of the best ever. Now, he's the butt of jokes and is watching his character and legacy slip away like sand through his fingers. I really am not at all interested in this anymore, I bring ot up only to point out how fast and quickly the house of cards can fall. And hard. I could NEVER pull this off. I don't lie very well.
I am looking to get out a lot more this next summer and enjoy the camping life. Not like my sister does it, basically taking everything with her (and that's OK). I'll take a tent, some Coleman gear and a sleeping bag. Out hiking through the woods all day and back to the campground for grub and night time fun. I have plotted out two places here in teh Parkland. St. Francois State Park and St. Joe State Park seem to have the best facilities around here. Can't wait to be unwashed again.

randy's lost classic:

Sad Cafe "Run Home Girl"

I remember playing this song and this band at 97x in Davenport, somewhere around January-February 1979. This always sounded like Toto. Loved the cool vibe and sax solo in the middle. They also did a song called "Restless" that I loved too. Can't find a video though.

here's their wikipedia entry:



karlene's mom said...

I highly rec. both parks, esp St. F. great trails and camping facilities!

Anonymous said...

Quite by accident i happened upon this Sad Cafe photo and song. Heard it and many bittersweet memories of my 20s came flooding back. God Bless this wonderful internet!!

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