Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello Blogosphere

Wow, Christmas is upon us already. Each year, I try to get into the spirit early and often but this year, like last year, I am late to the party. Don't know why, but I'm just starting to feel the Christmas spirit now. I am reading at Christmas Eve mass at church again. I am proud they ask me to read God's word on the most important day of the year. The boy is home, looking well and rested. I am so very proud of him. In Captain's school, he is the youngest by far. Although mama can't understand why he is going back early, I know and her name is Lauren. This is about time that the women trade places in his life. he'll always love his mother but someone new has his heart, as it should be.
A few snags on the internet station but we still should be up and going on the first. I have to go back and rename all of the tunes that weren't "renamed" before. I guess when I cleaned up the titles, I only changed the "outside" names of the mp3's, not the "code" name. So, I have a downloaded program that allows me to do just that. I have the scheduler ready to schedule and I will network the program that actually "plays" the songs with what is scheduled sometime later tonight. If Dr. Frankenschteen's machine doesn't blow up, this should be pre launch test number number one. Here's a new graphc design from someone I don't even know. (Thank you).

I was doing some thinking in the suana last night after basketball while listening to "She's The One" by Bruce. AS we go through life, there are certain things we NEED. Food, shelter, etc. But when it comes to music, I think the same thing holds true. When I was 19, I NEEDED "Born to Run" and "Night Moves". At 22, I NEEDED "City to City" by Gerry Rafferty. I needed to hear "The Pretender", "Reminiscing","Every Kinda People", Dan Fogelberg, etc. That's when the power and the glory of what God has created when it comes to music is certainly and sorely needed in our lives. I'm sure there are those releases in your life that have done the same for you. God bless all of those composers, writers and players who affect our lives and know our works better than we do. "Save Your Love" by the Jefferson Starship just popped into my head. I needed that one in 1982.

Wow, what a team of sellers I have. At this moment, we are sitting at 110% of goal for the month and for the quarter, it's 102.6%. According to the publisher, this hasn't happened for at least three years. And we still have a day and a half to wrap it up. How high can we go? And yes, I get a bonus. Enough to take my staff out for dinner. On me. The one thing about my business is that once December is over, we start at zero and wind it all again.


Dan said...

Cool new design for the station...

Also...if your mp3 program doesn't work out, try something called tagscanner...Ive been using it for a couple years.

I remember KY playing "Save Your Love" back when I was just a kid....loved it then, and now.

Brian Holland said...

As yes, 'Modern Times'--one of my favorite J. Starship LPs (along with 'Winds Of Change' from '82). Thanks to the miracle that is Interlibrary Loans, I finally was able to replace my vinyl copy of this hard-to-find album with a CD. "Stairway To Cleveland" is my favorite Starship tune ever. Whatcha gonna do about it?...

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