Monday, June 22, 2009

Back In The Saddle

This is post number 1532. Hard to believe that in about four years, I've posted this many times. It would make a great movie, huh?
Lucas Glover? Lucas Glover? Nice to see someone other than Tiger or Phil win it. I know how to play golf, but that's about it. If you give me golf on TV, I'll give you a nap. Nothing knocks me out faster than golf or baseball on TV.
Speaking of baseball (see how this all fits together, that's called a segue, kids), I think I am witnessing one of the truly great players of all time. If Albert Pujols keeps this up, he'll have most (if not all) the records by the time he's done. My parents swore that Stan was the man. Gibby was my guy, but I don't see how Albert can get much better. 24 homers and it's still June.
Finally, I'm becoming much more comfortable in the studio and I'm reacting without thinking about what to do. Radio, like most sports (and sex) is about timing and if you think about the shot before you take it (I can't think of a sexual metaphor), it's too late. Had one of the better shows today. It was fun.

I saw Karen Valentine on TV last night for the first time in about 20 years. When I was younger and just learning about the opposite sex, she was one person I had a mad crush on. I was going to marry her when I was twelve. She was going to find me in Ava and I was going to make her incredibly happy. Dana Delany was also on last night, another woman who has aged very well.
If you could have a do over in your life, what would yours be? I know what mine would have been. The one that got away would have never gotten away. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful family and have been blessed with great kids, but there's always that one certain someone that you never get over. Ever. And in one of the twists of fate that Bob Dylan wrote about is that she lives in Springfield with her husband and four kids. Of all of the places in this country, we all ended up here. While the memory is bittersweet, God has been good to her and that's all I have ever prayed about. She has a great life. So do I.
Cue Dan Fogeleberg:
Every morning you wake up alone
And you shake up your soul
But nothing stirs
So you take the love of whoever you please
But you can't find no reason for giving yours.

'Cause, once upon a time
You held a love so strong and fine
That all the others simply don't compare
She's always on your mind, but once upon a time
You had her there.

Drive into town 'most every night
On the chance that there might be someone waiting for you
You tell yourself you'll give it your best
Maybe settle for less but you never do.

'Cause, once upon a time
You held a love so strong and fine
That all the others simply don't compare
She's always on your mind
But once upon a time you had her there.


Brian Holland said...

Ah, young Grasshopper--excellent taste in both cases with those two ladies. KV unfortunately couldn't quite overcome her "cutie-pie" image on "Room 222" and no one took her serious as an actress, thus she wound up doing too many "Love Boat"s and game show appearances. DD is a very underrated actress, and I wish to hell they'd put "China Beach" out on DVD already--outstanding show!

dr sardonicus said...

Actually, in sex, if you think about the shot before you take it, you're likely to take the shot before you want to...

karlene's mom said...

This post moved me.

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