Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Save The Marx Brothers Home

This is the video of the Marx Brothers Boyhood Home Preservation Movement


Save Marx Brothers Place said...

Thank you & March Studios SO much for supporting our campaign to protect Marx Brothers Place in NYC!

best wishes from the 93rd Street Beautification Association

Save Marx Brothers Place said...

Hi again!

Jorge sent us the link to your interview with her about our campaign to save Marx Brothers Place in NYC!

We love it! So, we've posted the Marx Brothers Place interview on our YouTube Channel Page!

Hope you like it! Here's the link:!!!

Thanks so much for your interest in historic Marx Brothers Place - the childhood block of the world's greatest comedy team...EVER!

with all best wishes from the...

93rd Street Beautification Association

93rd Street Beautification Association said...

Thanks again for the plug! We also invite everybody to watch this Marx Brothers Place movie trailer which Harpo's son Bill says is "Cute as hell!"

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