Thursday, May 07, 2009


How surprising. An arrogant prick of a ballplayer tests positive for a banned substance. He'll lose more money by not playing for 55 days then we could evah imagine.
He'll lose in...get this....55 days, 7.7 million dollars. That's $7,700,000 in about two months. Here's the worst of it, I just heard that no one in the Dodger organization is angry. I stand in wonder. What the hell would make them angry? He killed someone? Stupid, stupid, stupid. 6 of the top 17 all time home run hitters are under suspicion. What in the name of Bob Gibson and George Brett is going on here? I just can't get my arms around how massive this problem is. And no cares. Bud Selig doesn't acre. Joe Torre. Manny's team mates. His fans. Morality and integrity. I am stumped. help

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