Friday, April 03, 2009

KY 102 History

Left to right: The one and only Stan Andrews (on air, sales guy from 1974-84?), Bob Garrett General Manager in the day, Laure Lyon (she followed me on the air and I adored her)1977-81(?) and one of my best friends Jon Hart (KTBG FM grand poobah) 1975-91(?).
The dates are probably not accurate, but I think they are close.
When I saw Bob in KC at Shooting Star, we talked about how KY would help fill 60,000 for Peter Frampton or Fleetwood Mac at Arrowhead in the late 70's. "That's what we did," he said. How true. That's exactly what we did. It was no big deal. Things have certainly changed. How privileged I have been to fill a stadium with 50,000 and then greet them from the stage as a representative of your station. THE rock station in a city as cool as KC. Thanks, Bob for the whole thing. Without you and Max, I am not sure where this train would have went. To be at KY from 1979-1985 was as good of a time as a man could have.


Brian Holland said...

Laure Lyon--there's a name I haven't thought of in a long time! I always liked her--she was one of the few female Rock DJs I've heard who didn't either sound like an airhead or an arrogant--she always sounded confident and down-to-earth on the air. I was always curious where she wound up going after she left KY.

barbinkc said...

I'm afraid KY102 will go down in history the same as Woodstock - never to be repeated again. You only get that kind of magic once. (Remember the disaster when they tried to do a Woodstock II? All the violence just ruined the whole thing.)

catfiche said...

OK Randy. Here I was working late on Easter Sunday night. Thought I'd try some streaming audio to keep me going. Why not KY102 out of Kansas City? Why not? Because it's been clearchanneled into the ozone. That's why not. Randy, if the powers that be don't want our generation to be part of popular culture , don't we have enough of a critical mass to take it to the internet? Hey, I'll listen.

Randy, I always loved your stuff and thinking of Kansas City and KY102 still reminds me of the good times. Good luck to ya man. Keep in touch.


kansas karl said...

In early 74 I came to KC from Wichita to take my 3rd phone, w/maritime, test at the FCC. I wanted badly to be a part of the local public stations late night progressive rock programming. We listened to KY from just north of Emporia into KC. Winding down from the drive we sat around listening to KY and at midnight they tracked Heros and Heroin by the Strawbs, a new chapter in the life started that night.


Michelle said...

I have a tux jacket from a promo that KY102 did for Liberace's birthday in 1974. I am considering placing it on e-bay. Is there an interest???

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