Friday, March 20, 2009

Charlie, We Hardly Knew Ye

This guy used to creep me out. Now, he's a sad, pathetic old man.
The Manson murders happened the summer of my 13th year. It pretty much consumed me and almost made me want to be like Vincent Bugliosi, who put him in jail forever. Was no way I could afford law school, however. Soon we'll be saying bye bye to Charlie. As my mom would say, he'll have a one way free pass to hell.

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BarbinKC said...

"Soon we'll be saying bye bye to Charlie" - you think so?
Seems like the really mean, evil people always seem to live the longest. You know the old saying, "Only the good die young" ...
This guy still creeps me out. I remember living in LA in the mid-70's and having a girlfriend talk me into driving up to the Ciello (sp?) Drive house (where the Tate murders occurred). She actually hiked up to the fence in the back yard until an older gentleman and his lap dog came running out threatening to call the police. Scared the begezes out of me (and I was pissed at her for days for talking me into it). I couldn't get out of there quick enough. You have to wonder what kind of person could live in a house where such a horrendous murder occurred. Ever watch Ghosthunters? They did a piece on this location last season. The house is gone, but a new house that was built a couple hundred yards from the original site was haunted before it was completely built. They were assuming it was the souls of those murdered near there. (And they obtained scientific evidence. Very compelling case.) STILL creeps me out!

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