Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday Morning Stuff

Tis a chilly, cloudy and cold Saturday morning in St. Louis as the predicted snowstorm has yet to appear (so, what else is new)?
Tonight, I am donating my time by being the M.C. and host for a trivia night at the Walker Scottish Rite Children's Medical Clinic. I would do just about anything for the kids there and the executive director, who's been a family friend for the last fifteen years. Hey, it's just a Saturday Night, huh?
Next weekend is spent in Kansas City, honoring the boys in Shooting Star who will be inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame along with Melissa Etheridge and Kansas. The party starts next Friday night with a dinner at a steakhouse in KC, KS, then the following night a concert at the Lawrence Opera House. This will be really big and I get to reprise my role from 25 years ago by bringing them onstage once again. There are rumours that Gary West (original writer/singer/guitar and piano player) will make his first appearance with the band in about 20 years. I'll make sure and take lots of pictures. Here's the original band featuring the late, great Bill Guffey on keys. Miss ya, Bill.

I am weeding through my CD collection and putting many of them up for sale on Ebay. At one time, I had 4,400 of them and that's just not right. I am not going to live forever and I don't want to sadlle the family with the burden of what to do with my shit when I am gone. Plus, maybe with the extra scratch, I can go somewhere in March before my job starts on April first. If you are interested, my username on Ebay is "phineasphreak". It's a reference to the old Fabulous Furry Freak Brother that I beared a resemblance to in the past. In this batch, the real goodie is a promo disc I got in 1989 featuring Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn that is about as rare as can be. We'll see how much it goes for. There is also a japanese import Ambrosia disc up for grabs, too. The criteria: if it hasn't been listened to in 20 years, it's gone out of the collection. Keep checking back for some interesting things put online.
"Deadwood" is becoming a mish mosh of stuff. I saw an interview with David Milch that said he basically "made it up as he went along". No shit. With a little more planning, this series would be great, but right now, I am losing interest. The actor who played the killer of Wild Bill Hickok (who was then killed) has been brought back, only this time with a beard and he plays a...get ready..killer. I am on season two, episode 7 and I am going to give it two more episodes and then if it doesn't get any better, cut it loose. Bummer.
This Monday night, I'll be doing something I haven't done since high school. I will be the color guy for the Wentzville boys basketball team on the radio. So, if you are so inclined, turn on 99.9 KFAV (Or listen online) to see how I do. I appreciate Jay Murray asking me to help out and while I am not getting paid for it, who knows where it may lead. I just remember how much fun it was and that's all that counts right now.

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Enjoy your time with the guys in Shooting Star...PLEASE post your pictures. Tell the guys THANK YOU for all the years of music from Mike S in St. Louis!

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