Friday, January 16, 2009

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

What started off as a great idea has turned into a complete and worthless sham. The nominees were inducted last night and while I agree with Little Anthony and The Imperials, War, Wanda Jackson, The Stooges and Jeff Beck and almost agree with Metallica, RUN DMC was inducted. RUN DMC had one song and it was mostly done by Aerosmith (who should be ashamed of themselves they have sold out so badly).
Still, no love for...

Three Dog Night (someone said Three Dog's problem is that they didn't write their own songs, well, neither did Rod Stewart)

The Moody Blues (this is travesty)

The Doobie Brothers (How can this be?)

Chicago (what the...)

Deep Purple (one of the original heavy metal bands that had musical ability)

Yes (the soundtrack of my adolescence, my first experience with "headphone" rock)

J. Geils Band (the hardest working band I've ever seen, America's answer to the Stones)

Grand Funk (drove my parents nuts)

Leon Russell (one of the greatest songwriters ever)

Rush (the thinking man's band)

Let's even go with Alice Cooper this live performance shows you how good they were live

Can't forget The Guess Who, live on the Johnny Cash show

Dire Straits, anyone? (maybe one of the best guitar solos ever)


Wes said...

I agree 100%. I am going to try and put this into words. 3 Dog Night...Eli's coming a fantastic song with great harmony and music. I watched your Deep Purple clip and something came to mind. While the 3 Dog Night clip was a lip sync, (not to take anything away from them) the Deep Purple clip was live on and dead on from the record. That has to say something about the band....I think I saw them in Columbia for $5.00 in 197???.

And RUN god!

Keep your chin up.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the Leon video. I have never seen that one before. Thanks for posting it.

Brian Holland said...

Good choices, one and all, my friend. Just a hunch, but I bet Little Anthony & The Imps didn't write their own music either.

Are you sure War got in? I just looked at the inductees list on the RNRHOF site, and they aren't among the 2009 class or the prior inductees. They probably should be, though...

dr sardonicus said...

With the exception of J. Geils and Dire Straits, all of the acts you listed were despised by the critics. I've come to regard the R&R HOF as the critics' revenge upon all of us schmuck potheads who made those bands popular back in the day. I've read where supposedly Jann Wenner and Dave Marsh are almost entirely responsible for who's in and who's out. I don't know about that, but I'd bet that everyone doing the selecting knows those guys personally.

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