Sunday, December 21, 2008

Goodbye Part one

Throughout the last couple of weeks here in 2008, I will pause long enough to say goodbye to people I will miss in ther future or say sayanara to someone who has touched my life in the past. Here is the first in a number of segments.

Bobby Mercer I hated the Yankees. No question about it. Even back then. Since basesball was only broadcast on Staurday, all of America usually got the Yankees. One guy who played as hard as he could and I really admired was Bobby Mercer. Apparently, he was one of the nicest cats, ever. Even while going through the ravishes of chemo and radiation, he signed autographs for 2,000 fans on Bobby Mercer day at Yankee Stadium. He died earlier this year of cancer at the age of 62.

Arthur C. Clarke

"2001: A Space Odyssey" started as a piece called "The Sentinel" written in 1948 for a BBC competition. I've read "The City and the Stars","Childhood's End" and "2001". He was the inspiration for a number of writers and songwriters. The Moody Blues have said that they wanted make their music sound like an Arthur C. Clarke novel and have duly noted his influence on their music. In December 2007 on his 90th birthday, Clarke recorded a video message to his friends and fans bidding them good-bye. Clarke died in Sri Lanka on 19 March 2008 after suffering from breathing problems, according to Rohan de Silva, one of his aides, only a few days after he had reviewed the final manuscript of his latest work, The Last Theorem, co-written with Frederik Pohl. He was buried in Colombo in traditional Sri Lankan fashion on 22 March, with his younger brother, Fred Clarke, and his Sri Lankan adoptive family among the thousands in attendance.

Jo Stafford-The fisrt musical anything I can remember are 78 rpm records. We had a bunch of them and most of them were Jo Stafford records. "...see the pyramids across the Nile..." is one of my first musical memories. Thank God my mom liked music, and usually pretty good stuff. Jo Stafford was better than good stuff, she was great. My first introduction into music was done with class and style and by someone who could just flat out sing. ...."you belong to me..." She died in July at 90.

Here's the song

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