Friday, November 28, 2008

Moving Day(s)... er Weeks

As we incorporate furniture left by the passing of Joanie, we are in a "if we haven't used it in five years, let's pitch it" mode. We are moving furniture from her apartment to our house, then loading our crap to the girls house and unloading her stuff at Goodwill. So, I have been tearing through crap in the house at an alarming rate. I have found stuff I haven't seen or used in years. The caracature at the right was drawn in 1995 by somebody somewhere. Just thought it was interesting as it has been locked in a drawer somewhere out of sight for all these years.

I played basketball yesterday before the Thanskgiving meal was consumed so I am heading back today and giving it another go. The scale said 193. That's unacceptable. I must find time in the upcoming months to get the weight down. I need to schedule the time to take care of it. If I can lose 3 pounds in December, 5 in January and 5 in February, that should help a great deal. By the middle of May, I should be back at fighting shape whatever that means.

While in the beginning phase of eliminating clutter at the hacienda, I still have not found my pictures of the trip to Abbey Road to meet Alan Parsons OR the pictures I have of Yoko and me. I cannot, for the life of me, understand where they have disappeared.

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karlene's mom said...

I can TOTALLY relate... man can I...

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