Sunday, November 02, 2008

Longest Running Sitcom Ever

The Simpsons, TV's longest-running American sitcom, is on tap for at least three more seasons, The New York Post reports.

"The cast is signed for three more years, so I would now say it's about a 90 percent chance we'll come back for at least one of those three," Al Jean, the show's executive producer, said. "I actually think it's better than a 50 percent chance we'll do three more years of this at least."

Should the triple renewal follow through, that would put the animated series at 23 years old - raise your hand if you're younger than it! - which would give it sole bragging rights as the longest-running scripted series, of any genre, ever.

At the moment, The Simpsons is tied with 20-season-long Gunsmoke for the honor. You know they totally want to break the tie.

Are you excited to be staying in Springfield? And will The Simpsons ever end?


Nathan Barley said...

The Simpsons isn't the longest running sitcom though, the BBC's Last of the Summer Wine (1973-ongoing) is.

Jason said...

What about DR. Who, i know it had a break through the 90's untill 05, but still 1963-1989 than 2005-present

Anonymous said...

american sitcom bbc is not american

Jason said...

ahh very true, i didnt see that. the header is only longest running sitcom ever so thats why i posted it. but yeah after re-reading it i saw the first line has American in it

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