Saturday, October 04, 2008

In Praise of Vinyl

One of the additions we've added to our weekly programming schedule on the Eagle is an idea I stole from a friend of mine. "Off The Record" is a show we air every Sunday night at 6:00pm. It is the playing of a great, classic release off of vinyl. That's right, we actually play a "record". Ken Dillon did this at his station in Sedalia and I though it was a great, cool tribute. So, we have set aside some time to play a great old record, starting with the needle dropping on the side, playing side one in it's entirety, stopping for a break, then coming back and dropping the needle on side two. I think it sounds great and even through my shitty car radio, I can still tell the difference between digital and analog. It's the debut Boston release this Sunday night at 6. Thanks, Ken for the idea.


Brian Holland said...

And next weekend, might I suggest you give a spin to the mighty KY-102 "Homegrown" LP, if you can still find a copy in captivity?

Long live vinyl! :-)

dr sardonicus said...

Vinyl. What a concept.

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