Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mad Men Marathon

I spent the weekend catching up on a show that I now cannot get enough of. Instead of watching one of the world's most pathetic football teams (Rams or Chiefs, take your pick) I spent Sunday by watching five episodes of "Mad Men" featuring John Hamm ( a St. Louis native). This is set in 1960 at an ad agency on Madison Avenue. Everybody drinks all day and EVERYONE smokes. The inter office politics are incredible and there were more than a few times where I went .."Whoa." (as in, I can't beliege the twist on this scene..). Incredibly entertaining and difficult to put down. I tried to get the Tivo to record the "Mad Men marathon" on Bravo last month. I didn't get the first season but the beginning of the second, so I had to rent the first season on DVD to get caught up. The women all smoke, some while pregnant and the styles and clothes of the day remind my of my mom and our neighbor who used to come over all time, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and gossip about the family and neighborhood. The main character is a guy whose morals are all fucked up but, he is a great dad. He cheats on his wife just about every day and comes home to dinner on the table every night. Very cool show, the best I've seen in a while. I am not surprised at the recognition it got at the Emmys. Here are some of the characters, dressed for Emmy night...John Hamm is far right.Christina Hendricks plays "Joan" and yes, she is the hottest of them all but plays a great bitch

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