Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Off We Go Into The Wide Blue Yonder

Yonder is Bloomington/Normal Illinois. I was born in Illinois; Moline to be exact. It looks like now I'm headed back that direction. While I have enjoyed my run at KMOX and an opportunity to be part of such a heritage, first class organization, I set my sails north on I-55 about 150 miles. The opportunity for me to finally bestow my radio knowledge on a cluster of stations has made itself available. Starting on July 21st, I will be employed by Great Plains Media as the Market Manager for their Bloomington/Normal three station cluster. This decision was made after consultation with my family and a few close friends. Each and all agreed that this is where I needed to go to see if I indeed knew what the hell I have been talking about for the last 20 years. My time at KMOX has been fruitful and wonderful and I have learned a lot from the process, making some great friends along the way. I'm nervous but as Dave Ervin said..."you wouldn't be scared if it didn't mean anything". He's right. I will have three stations under my watch. A news/talk station on FM, a country station and a classic rock station. I hate to leave here again but it's time at 52, to put up or shut up. This is what I have been waiting for a long time. I hope not to blow it. I can not say in words what my time at KMOX has meant to me. There are none. God bless us all, everyone.


Ken Dillon said...

Remember when I told you that you HAD to eventually get back into what you REALLY love doing, even when it seemed that it all had gone to Hell?

Your post made, and still makes me smile.

The business has not been the same without you in it in a capacity like this.

Best to you, my Brother...as always--anything I can do? Consider it done.

John said...

As a guy who got to know you during your KSHE days and got to learn more about you when I went to work with some mutual friends, your gonna do great in Bloomington. If I could afford to get back into radio, I'd beg you for a job just for the opportunity to work with you. I wish you the best and look to follow your exploits via your blog. God bless.

Jammin John

Dave Morris said...

Wow, Randy. Good luck! This could be very big - you are a wise radio man. They are luckier than they know!

BTW, I know a guy who could help you image that country station.

Dan Kelley said...

Congrats on the job (and the move) Randy!

All the best to you!

Dan Kelley
Lansing, MI

Suzanne said...

Congratulations, Randy! What a fortunate crew in Bloomington/Normal! I believe this is the "putting your money where your mouth is" part of life :) Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you - PLEASE keep the blog going. My biggest disappointment now will be the "loss" of the show that you would have done with Van when Shooting Star comes to town next month!!!

Johnny Rabbitt Junior said...

Well, Randy...what to say...other than good luck. It's going to be an odd market without you here (again), but we all know you're going to find things in Bloomington a bit more laid-back in the lifestyle, while the challenge will be good for you.

All of the people I know we have in common would be mad at me if I didn't take the moment to simply say "THANK YOU" for being such a part of the fabric of St. Louis. Not just radio, but the area. Come back often and visit!

Johnny Rabbitt Junior

Peter said...


Do you know the fate of Route 66 Radio on KMOX? On one hand I hate to see it disappear as you move on...but on the other I hate to see it fall into lesser hands.

No matter what, congrats on the new gig!

dr sardonicus said...

Good luck! Bloomington ain't such a bad place; also, St. Louis and Chicago are an easy drive away.

RR said...

Nice to have you doctor, I have thought about you much.

Brian Holland said...

The Force is strong with you, and radio in North Central Illinois will be all the better for it--good luck in your latest venture, my friend!

Chicago Socialista said...

I love Bloomington. I have lots of family there. I wish you much, much success Randy! *hugs*

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