Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Radio Format

I'll call it, "Obscure Mellow Hits", that's what seemed to be on the Ipod as I did yardwork today...the playlist went like this...

"Dirty Work"-Steely Dan
"Cloud Nine"-Temptations
"Night"-Bruce Springsteen
"Just Like A Woman"-Bob Dylan
"You Are A Song"-Batdorf and Rodney
"Baby Love"-The Supremes
"All My Life"-John Mayall
"Meeting Across The River"-Bruce Springsteen
"Here, There and Everywhere"-Beatles
"Rainy Days and Mondays"-Carpenters
"Sweet Seasons"-Carole King
"Mr. Big"-Free
"Play Me"-Neil Diamond
"Sweet Cherry Wine"-Tommy James
"King Harvest"-The Band
"Crystal"-Fleetwood Mac
"Get Out of Denver'-Bob Seger
"Stop and Start All Over Again"-Jonathan Edwards
"Morning Dew"-Grateful Dead
"End of the Line"-Allman Bros.
"Got No Shadow"-Little Feat
"Silence is Golden"-Four Seasons
"Cash on the Barrelhead/Hickory Wind"-Gram Parsons
"Stoop Down #39"-J. Geils Band

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