Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Night Musings

The house all to myself, I have made an executive decision. Monday night will now be known as "Monday Night Music Night". Tonight's offering is "Stagepass" by the under rated and over looked Michael Stanley Band. Maxim magazine has come up with a list of the worst broadcasters in sports. For the most part, I agree with just about everyone on the list, no probs with this at all. Link

I enjoy working in downtown St. Louis, for the most part. Whenever I get there, the smells of the downtown restaurants permeate the air. Today, I smelled bacon. Every once in a while, you can smell a steak or the ballpark, too. However, since the weather has warmed, the ever present smell of urine has hit the nostrils. Every spring, it comes back.

I am reading David Sirota's "The Uprising", which talks about the populist movement that seems to have taken root in the country that is scaring the bjeezus out of Wall Street. I think that' s one of the reasons Obama has captured the imagination of the country's youth. I am not well versed in political acumen, but I can say that this race looks like 1976 all over again. In 1976, the democrats could have run a raccoon on the ticket and won. We were SO tired of the Nixon crap and Ford reminded us of all the crap that preceded him. Jimmy Carter, while a very smart man, wasn't a big enough asshole to be president. We just needed a break. I feel the same way now. The republicans have had eight years in power and where are we? We are tired. I think the skinny black kid with the funny name is going to be the next president and I don't think it will be close.

Done with physical therapy. I am so far ahead of schedule, I don't need it. Bring on basketball, it won't be here soon enough.
Every semester, I go out to Washington High School, see my second favorite teacher and talk to her class about radio, the media, journalism and expectations in the real world. It's not pretty. I enjoy going there and one young woman grabbed my attention last year. Christie Nicks will be famous some day as a great anchor or reporter. She just won the high school journalist of the year and even though she hasn't mentioned me in her interviews, I'll say that maybe I had about .0007% of the credit for her success. Michelle, you are the best and it's evident in the students that come out of your class. Well done, my friend.

I first saw The Michael Stanley Band at the RKO Orpheum in Davenport circa 1977. Cheap Trick opened for Michael Stanley who opened for Ted Nugent. Cheap Trick was NOT big at the time and I found the lead guitar player strangly familiar. He played at my high school prom in 1974. Rockford was not far from the Quad Cities. I am sure it was him. I was feeling pretty fuunnnkkky because I had just went through a divorce, so I was hoping a show would cheer me up. Michael and his band came out and basically played most of the "Stagepass" release. I was stunned. They kicked my ass and I left after they played becasue I knew that no matter how hard he tried, Ted was NOT going to out duel these guys.In Kansas City, the first show I ever did stage announcements for was The Michael Stanley Band at Worlds of Fun. I remember it like it was yesterday. "Stagepass" is one of my Top 100 of all time. It was an honor and pleasure to meet him and the band. He now does afternoons on the ClassicRock radio station in Cleveland. He knows that's where the chicks are.

I am very proud of my oldest daughter. She has copped another gig that she can use her degree.
She is now working for Sen. Tom Harkin of the great state of Iowa. She gets the bennies that he gets. How cool. Working for the US gubment. I hope he decides to run a few more times. Way to go, Jess. Proud of you.

Reality TV. Ick.

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karlene's mom said...

Randy Raley is one of the best guys ever!
(thanks for the nod to me, my students, and Christie Nicks)

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