Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Sherbs

Three big songs that I remember..."No Turning Back" and "I Have The Skill"

....from "The Skill".

Damn, I was 24. Jeez, that was 28 years ago. Ouch! Then, in 1981, "We Ride Tonight was a big hit in KC at KY.

I had this song on a cassette in my brand new "Walkman" with the special ear-fob headphone, tucked under my motorcycle helmet. Better song than video.

The Sherbs (nee Sherbet)


Brian Holland said...

Funny you should mention the Sherbs, as I just recently recalled them myself. A friend of mine used to have a poster of their album cover for 'The Skill', and I think he had the single for "I Have The Skill", and I found that video on YouTube a couple weeks back. They were sort of a poor man's Men At Work, if there is/was such a thing...

Matt said...

I had forgotten about these guys - they sound like the new wave version of Kansas in the early 80's, with the Elefante brothers on board

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