Saturday, December 29, 2007

Past Christmas Magic

I had one of these, I remember it so well, it about broke my mom and dad to get it.

During this holiday season, Telstar Logistics is proud to offer our readers a soothing counterpoint to the relentless commercialism of Christmas present... by taking you on an illustrated tour of the relentless commercialism of Christmas past.

Inspired by the fact that several friends of this Internet weblog recently forwarded us the same excerpts from a 1977 JC Penny catalog, Telstar Logistics reached into our vast corporate archive and emerged clutching a pristine copy of the 1962 Sears Christmas Book.

As you browse the Sears catalog, keep in mind that, according to the Inflation Calculator, $1 in 1962 was equivalent to $6.51 in 2006 dollars. Conversely, $1 in 2006 was equivalent to $0.15 in 1962.

Obviously, this catalog offers a treasure trove of insight into the tastes and domestic habits of a typical American family living 45 years ago, so we've reproduced a broad cross-section of the book which shows everything from childrens' wear and phonograph equipment to power tools and ski gear. Holiday gifts for everyone on your list, from budding young scientists to Bible-thumping fundamentalists! A few of the greatest hits are shown here, but you'll find more than 160 pages of consumerist archaeology at our 1962 Sears Catalog photoset.

Merry shopping!

1962 Sears Christmas Book (Flickr photoset by Telstar Logistics) (Enthusiast website with complete scans of historic department store catalogs)

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