Monday, November 26, 2007

Quiet Riot/Slade

This post was originally to be about Kevin DuBrow passing, but instead turned into video tribute to Slade, a band I saw in Davenport friggin Iowa in the late 70s. They rocked me out of the house and so now you know how this post became so ADDish.
Here's Quiet Riot's bio. Kevin DuBrow was found dead today at the age of 52. He was the lead singer of Quiet Riot who basically, on the strength of two awesome Slade songs got their fifteen minutes of fame. Every time I met this guy, he was not a pleasant person. I met him three times in five years and each time I wanted to say.."do you really believe that you are that important?" He pretty much pissed off his fans, his band, any connection with radio and ultimately, the band known as giving Randy Rhoads his start slipped underneath the radar for good. It's not good karma to talk about the dead this way, so I will give him credit for exposing a whole new generation to the power that was Slade.

Noddy Holder rocks! How much? check this out: "While Slade's attempts at cracking the United States market were largely unsuccessful, they left their mark on a several US bands who cite Slade as an influence. Kiss bassist Gene Simmons readily admits that his band's early songwriting ethos and stage performance style was influenced by Slade. In his book "Kiss and Make-Up," Simmons writes on page 85, "the one we kept returning to was Slade," and "we liked the way they connected with the crowd, and the way they wrote anthems... we wanted that same energy, that same irresistible simplicity. but we wanted it American-style." Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick has said that his band went to see Slade perform, and that they used "every cheap trick in the book", thus inadvertently coining his group's name. Quiet Riot had a U.S. hit with their cover of Cum on Feel the Noize."

My video tribute to Slade starting with their great reunion drinking song:
"Run Runaway"

"Cum On Feel The Noise"

Goodbye T'Jane

"Mama, Weer All Crazy Now"

Now, that's glam!!!!!


Wes said...

QR played at the Missouri State Fair...don't remember the year, but went backstage and all of them were A#1 Asses, high as a kite. Slade, we played them, great band.

Brian Holland said...

I, too, struggled to find kind words to say about DuBrow on my blog--he always come across as a real horse's arse to me, although I liked Quiet Riot as a band.

As for Slade, do they have a good best-of CD you can recommend? Other that "Runaway", "Crazee" and "Noize", they are a glaring omission in my collection.

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