Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Know, I Know...

It's been ten days. A lot has happened, I just haven't felt like blogging much. I go through this every six months or so, I have nothing to say or contribute to the world. So it goes...

Athletes as broadcasters are wearing me out. A couple of weeks ago, Mizzou had a game on TV and the "analyst" was Jaycee Pearson. He was a monster on defense for the Chiefs and as a broadcaster, he was a great defensive player. Ick.

I spent last week end in Dayton visiting my daughter. There is really not much to do in Dayton, so we went to and watched movies

we saw "Across the Universe" at the local complex on Friday night (after pigging out on carrot cake). This was a very different movie. Beatles songs incorporated into a "Hair" kinda groove, following a young couple through the turbulent sixties. Bono was "The Walrus" and Joe Cocker had a cameo. I was pleasantly surprised. When I review a movie, my first criteria is "was I entertained?" As much as I hate to admit it, I was.The next night it was a "Blockbuster" night. We rented "The Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer", which was fun. (I could watch Jessica Alba floss). we went to get a pizza then, "300". Whoa. Really great movie and chocked full of blood and guts, kids. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Went back to the hotel and watched "American Beauty" on HBO for the first time. Yikes. Another classic. and.I.couldn't.sleep.

Selling radio is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. Next to grinding combine wheels at the John Deere Foundry. That was hard too.

I spent some time with my friend Tom at the greatest record store ever, "Now Hear This" in downtown Kirkwood. He is about to go out of business, laying off the only employee he had. Hard times for a lot of us who used to be somebody.

Happy birthday Jess. You make me proud.

Still pissed at The Eagles..

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Max said...

I hate to hear about Tom and his business. I should probably say with regret that I never spent any time at the shop in Kirkwood. I was a frequent customer to his original shop over in Crestwood. I still remember him grabbing me one day while coming into this shop to tell me that the import version of the Jethro Tull 20th Anniversary box set had come in (US release wasn't for another couple of months). Told him I was strapped for cash but he handed it to me anyway and said "settle up with me the next time you are in the store".


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