Saturday, September 29, 2007

What A Week...

This week was one for the record books. It started with the announcement of the Route 66 program. The show was announced at KMOX while I was out sick. Nice. I have received emails from across the country about the program. A guy in Tulsa has posted the story to his "egroup" and I have also recieved an email from a guy at another station in town that wants to share the stuff he has. I think this show is going to be huge. A part time job that will certainly take up a great deal of preparation and time. I couldn't ask for a better venue or have more exceptional backing from the management at KMOX. After all, Dave Ervin approached me to do it. How fortunate for me. Like I said before, I thought the headphones were hung up for good, but...KMOX is another plateau altogether

Broadway night at the Fox last night. For shits and grins, we decided to head down to the Fabulous Fox Theatre and witness a night of great singers. No matter what kind of music you are into, you have to appreciate the artform of singing. I am into a lot of different things lately and as I get older, I appreciate singers not necessarily from the rock genre. I have been in love with Linda Eder for a while. While working at WSSM (Smoooooth Jazz), I got her Christmas CD and it has become a staple for the holidays. Very easy on the eyes, to me she emulates Barbra Striesand a bit too much. All of her songs sounded the same last night.

On the other hand Brian Mitchell Stokes kicked my ass. He actually did a song unplugged at the Fox. I have never witnessed an audience so silent in my life. Not a peep. He sounded great. I don't remember him from the show, but he was on Trapper John MD and Frazier too. What a powerful God given talent he has. I came for Linda but was left really impressed with Brian. Nice evening.

One thing really did bother me last night. While at the Fox, a VERY obese woman was causing all sorts of headaches for her surrounding seat mates. She looked just like the picture above. She had to walk with a walker and literally could not fit in the aisle or in her seat. It took her about ten minutes to navigate sitting down. Of course she came in late, had to get up twice and basically was a major disruption. She was snarling at people who were genuinely put out by waiting for her to figure out how to put all of that into her seat. I try to be as empathetic as the next guy (even more so) but geez. How did you let yourself get that way? If it's some kind of genetic disorder, I understand, but please, push yourself away from the table.

On the way to the Fox, while attired in my crisply ironed shirt, khakis and a blazer, I stopped at a red light while getting off the interstate at Grand. I saw a woman sitting on the side of the road with her head buried in her hands. A gentleman, who was obviously down on his luck was trying to bum money to get to the bus station so he and his girlfriend could go home to Memphis (or so he said). I was in a bad place, he made sure he had my attention. What to do? I reached into my wallet to give him a couple of bucks and instead of grabbing two ones, I grabbed a one and a five. I gave it to him. Yeah, I know. But Jesus once said "what you do to the least of me, you do to me." I believe in karma, I believe that the meek shall inherit the Earth. I hope he got back to Memphis.

The two latest songs to be ripped off and used for commercials: "Come And Get It" by Badfinger for General Motors and "Karn Evil #9" (welcome back my friends to the show that never ends) by Emerson Lake and Palmer for Dr. Pepper. I can actually understand the first one but what the fuck does the lyrics to Karn Evil #9 have to do with soda? I am boycotting Dr. Pepper until that campaign goes off the air.

Two words for Ken Burns' "The War". Absolutely brilliant!

It's the second annual KMOX Jazz and Wine Festival today. Last year we had about 200 advance tickets sold with an attendance of about 2,200. This year 900 presold, so it oughtta be big. I will be there all day today. This is one part of the job I really like. Shaking hands and kissing uh, I mean babies. It's good to make a connection with the people that listen.

Two weeks until my daughter comes home for a few days. Can't wait. I sure miss her.

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